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I am…

🧔 Geek; 👨‍💻 Hacker; 🤓 Sysadmin; 🐧 Linuxer; 🍥 Debian Developer; 🐪 Perl Coder; PGP/GnuPG User; 🥷‍⌨ Command Line Aficionado; ⌨ Mechanical Keyboard and 🖲 Trackball Nerd; MSc; 🎤 Podcaster; 👨‍💻 Blogger; 🗫 Speaker; 🕮 Author; 🦆 2CV, CX, 🔌 CityEL, and Campervan Driver; 🚴 Recumbent and Brompton Bicyclist; Mensa Member; convinced 🚭 Non-Smoker and Non-Drinker; …

Version: 3.12
GCS/S d-(--) s:+ a C++ UBL*++(++++)$ P++(++++)$ L+++ E+++(-)@ W+++(-)$@ N-(+++)@ o@ K- w--(+)@ O- M- V? PS++ PE-() Y+ PGP-(++)@ t+(++)@ 5(+) X(+)@ R@ !tv b+(++) DI+ D+(++) G(++)@ e+++* h+()*@ r? y?

🧔 Geek, Hacker, …

🤓 Sysadmin

🐧 Linuxer

🥷‍⌨ Command Line Aficionado

🍥 Debian Developer

$-=42;$_=qq 93233313242132627322017304228173024422013152317309;while(!!$_){$:=
$|++;s$[1-4][0-8]$$e;$==$&;$\=pack c,$;=$|.$:;$=+=$=!=$-?$-:-$=-$;;$,=$=+$-;$@
.=pack c,$!!=$--$;?!!$!!=$:?$=+$-:$,-$-:$,^$|<<chr$;+$|+$-;$!=$,;$|=$:}print$@

🐪 Perl Coder

🗫 Speaker

amongst others on these Conferences: FOSDEM, DebConf, Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, FrOSCon, CommitterConf, OpenRheinRuhr, LinuxDay Dornbirn, Grazer Linux-Tage, Linux-Info-Tag Augsburg, UnFUCK, Swiss Perl Workshop, LinuxTag, …


⌨ Mechanical Keyboard and 🖲 Trackball Nerd

🕮 Author

🦆 2CV, CX, CityEL, and Campervan Driver

I'm the proud owner of

Related Online Projects

🚴 Folding and Recumbent Bicyclist

I own

(All my recumbents have under-seat steering.)

📻 Radio Moderator + 🎤 Podcaster

Guest in other podcasts:

👨‍💻 Blogger

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